IPMetrix, Analysis of and capitalization on economic, scientific and technological literature.

Throughout the world, data points are produced by the millions each year and in every field, via a variety of sites or databases, structured and unstructured alike. The major risk these days is missing out on information, on a weak but crucial signal.

In terms of keeping a watch, the mere selection of keywords is no longer enough to limit the number of documents collected every week and month. That’s where IPM’s embedded machine learning will put the smile back on your face, by analyzing document contents and presenting only those related to your interests.

Artificial intelligence in service of all your decisions, thanks to IPMetrix. Assemble, concatenate and visualize all the data from scientific and technological literature in order to decide, innovate, position yourself, and solve technical issues.

Why IPMetrix ?

The information to help you make decisions is out there, but its sources and formats are manifold. The volumes are huge!

Once injected into IPMetrix, this structured information becomes usable, including your internal databases.
Every year, innovation throughout the world can be identified in:

See an example on the “block chain”

The IPMetrix platform.

Observable and immediate benefits of very high value.

  • Save time

  • Share your results

  • Boost your creativity

  • Make better decisions
  • Enliven your ecosystem

Advanced features

Semantic analysis

Fast and compatible with big data

Data visualization


Artificial Intelligence


Usable throughout an innovation’s life cycle

Intelligence and proactive watch

Creativity, idea production, problem solving

Industrial property strategy

See detailed features

IPMetrix can be used in all fields of activity

IPMetrix is made for major groups, labs, companies and start-ups from every sector.

IPMetrix, an innovation technology born of TKM’s expertise.

IPMetrix is developed by Innovation consulting and services specialist, TKM.

Originally evolving from public research and an incubator environment, TKM has been supporting all kinds of actors for over 15 years, including start-ups, SMEs, intermediate-sized companies, and major accounts in the elaboration, steering, and success of their growth and innovation.

A pioneer in its field, TKM offers, in addition to its services and IPMetrix, an online States of the Art and Watch ordering platform to its clients: IZINOV.

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